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“The Play’s the Thing” 2.0



Ron Kurtz is back with another fascinating journey to discover how “words on the page” become “words on the stage.”  The course will increase the audience’s enjoyment of the play “Wit,” directed by Ron Kurtz at ACT Studio 209, by giving them an appreciation for what is involved in staging a play – set design, casting, lighting and sound and, most importantly, directing the actors.  Participants will have 4 class sessions, see the play, and have a final wrap-up session.

Instructor:  Ron Kurtz has had a long career in Theater Arts as producer, director, stage manager, and actor.  He currently directs productions for Amelia Community Theatre.

This class is a partnership between Amelia Lifelong Learning (ALL) and Amelia Community Theatre (ACT). Thursdays from 3-5 pm at ACT:  August 10, 24, 31, and September 7.  The final class will be scheduled for after September 16 when the play finishes its run.  No class on August 17.  ACT is offering a discount on tickets for the play.

Location:  Amelia Community Theatre, 209 Cedar Street, Fernandina Beach.

Course fee:  $40

Materials to be purchased:  Notes on Directing (ISBN 978-0-8027-1708-5) and the acting edition of the play script (ISBN 978-0-8222-1704-6).  Cost of materials $20.

Register for the course at www.amelialearning.com  Purchase discounted tickets for the play at ACT Box Office.  904-261-6749


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