Exploring Our Future 101:  Glimpses into Times Past & Times to Come

While the future is, of course, unknowable with certainty or specificity, its possibilities fascinate us. The purpose of this course is to have some intellectual fun taking first a quick look back from billions of years ago to the present, then on to explore possible futures in several areas. These include future energy sources, environmental changes, transportation, health and aging, artificial intelligence, search for extraterrestrial intelligent life, space exploration, the future of human beings, and our Earth’s likely evolution. The course, consisting of eight 2-hour sessions, includes some science but with a light a touch. Students will be able to present and discuss their ideas.

Course “Guide:” Richard Scribner earned a PhD in Physics from U of F.  Among other academic appointments, he was a professor at Georgetown directing its Science, Technology and International Affairs Program. He was also a founder and director of the AAAS’ Congressional Science Fellow Program; a State Department official dealing with nuclear nonproliferation; director of a counter-terrorism research center at Dartmouth; and a consultant to the U.S. Justice and Homeland Security Departments.  He’s the author of books and articles on such topics as arms control verification, science and public policy, and global climate change. Fathoming what the future might hold is a hobby.

Location:  St. Peter’s Church, Room 201

Day and Time:  Tuesdays, October 1 – November 19, 10 am to Noon

Fee:  $50

Materials to be purchased: none.  Handouts and sources for follow up will be provided.