Continuing Spanish for Busy People

Course Description: This course will offer a review of basic Spanish grammar structures in a conversational setting to build confidence in the language for participants who have had Spanish previously. The lessons both from the text and in-class conversations will center on everyday situations and topics such as family, shopping, travel, recreational activities, and hobbies.

Instructor:  Berta Arias.  Dr. Arias is a local author and Professor Emeritus in World Literature and International Education who enjoys sharing her love of Spanish and the Hispanic/Latino culture.  Contact Dr. Arias at with questions about the course.

Location: Class will be held at the Amelia Island Museum of History in Baker Hall.  Masking and social distancing will be observed.

Date and Time: The class will be held Monday and Wednesday, April 19 through May 19, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Fee:  $50

Materials to be Purchased:  Practice Makes Perfect Basic Spanish by Dorothy Richmond, Second Edition (2015).  ISBN: 978-0-07184921-0.