This course will be an introduction to the history and culture of China, Japan, and Korea.  Topics covered will be the rise of Chinese civilization and its impact and influence on Japan and Korea; the development of uniquely Japanese and Korean cultures; the rise of the Mongols and their conquests; the development and influence of Confucianism and the introduction and spread of Buddhism in East Asia; the ebb and flow of relationships among the three countries; and the legacy of East Asian civilization in today’s world.

Instructor:  Mark Ericson was raised in Japan.  He received his B.A. in Far Eastern History and Japanese Language from the University of Washington and his M.A. and PhD. In Japanese History from the University of Hawaii.  He has taught Japanese History and East Asian Civilization for the University of Maryland University College for over 40 years.

Location:  Amelia Museum of History

Day and Time:  Thursdays, February 7-March 28, 10:00 am-noon

Fee:  $50

Materials to be Purchased:  None.  There will be handouts and suggested readings.