Our Future: Glimpses of Times Past and Times to Come – Challenges and Opportunities

Course:  William Shakespeare wrote “What’s past is prologue.”  To begin to discern our possible future we need to try to understand our past. In this eight-session course, we’ll look for insights in our past and present that may help us facilitate that understanding.  We’ll have some intellectual fun examining a few areas (energy, space exploration, aging) to see what we might foresee about human beings and our home Earth in the future.  We’ll examine predictions and trends from relatively near-term to very long-term.  Students will be encouraged to present and discuss their ideas.  Class size will be limited to 15 students.  It is expected that all students will be vaccinated; masking and social distancing will be observed.

Instructor:  Richard A. Scribner has a PhD in physics and, among other academic appointments, headed the Science, Technology, and International Affairs program at Georgetown University.  Other positions include: Special Assistant, Undersecretary of State, Director of counterterrorist research institute at Dartmouth. He was also a consultant to the U.S. Justice and Homeland Security Departments. Dr. Scribner is the author or co-author of books and articles on arms control, science and public policy, and climate change.  Fathoming what the future might hold is a hobby.

Schedule: Eight sessions, Thursdays, 10/7 – 12/9 (no classes on 11/4 or 11/25)

Time:  9:30 – 11:30

Location: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Room 201, 801 Atlantic Avenue, Fernandina Beach.  Masks and social distancing required.

Fee: $50/person


Materials: No materials required. Instructor will provide handouts and electronic links.