From Agastache and Basil to Rosemary and Scented Geraniums – looking at Herbs of the Year™

Every year since 1995, after careful consideration, The International Herb Association declares an Herb of the Year™ and publishes a book devoted to that herb as part of its mission to educate the public on the growing, culinary, and medicinal aspects of that particular herb. In our time together we will discuss the process of how this comes about and we will look at what those herbs are and points of interest concerning each herb. (And maybe a few recipes!)

Instructor:  Marge Powell has been an herbalist for over 30 years.  Her interests span the culinary, the medicinal, and body care, as well as growing herbs. and the International Herb Association Foundation. She is currently a board member of the West Nassau Historical Society, the International Herb Association (IHA), and the IHA Foundation.  In addition, she is chair of Arts and Culture Nassau.


Location:  Story & Song 2nd floor.  Masking and social distancing will be observed.

Day and Time:  March 26 from 10:30 to Noon.


Fee:  $10


Materials to be Purchased:  None